Our safaris and tours in the East African country of Tanzania capture the essence of this vibrant and diverse continent. Where big skies and vast landscapes provide a canvas for nature to display her power and beauty. With its natural riches, abundant wildlife, long history, and culture wealth Tanzania have much to offer the visitor. From the tropical beaches of the Indian Ocean to the Great Rift Valley escarpments, across the great plain of the Serengeti or the mountains of the interior, westward to the shores of Lakes Victoria and Lake Tanganyika; Tanzania has more to offer the visitor to East African than any other destination.

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With a quartet of the country set aside for nature conservation and around one-fifth of the total African large mammal population present, Tanzania is the perfect destination for you to release your traveling spirit on one of our safari adventures whilst learning much about its customs and culture.

Whether you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, see all big five game species, game walk with the Maasai, bird watch or simply relax in your safari lodge enjoying the peace and tranquility the wildlife and landscape engenders, Tanzania is the destination for you.


African Eden Safaris

Visit the National Parks and Conservation Areas of Northern Tanzania and a number of exclusively selected locations and game parks with UK and Tanzania Based African Eden Safaris who offer a variety of tailor-made, personally customized, tours or regular safari to match your budget, style preference, and specific interests.

Start your safari experience with a warm welcome to our website and our company, or in Swahili, the native tongue of Tanzania, "Karibu".